For the first time in Lithuania, international entrepreneurship incentive project “Futurepreneurs” invites the youth to set up business changing the world. The pre-accelerator that was built up by the Sunrise Valley Science and Technology Park (“Saulėtekio slėnio mokslo ir technologijų parkas”) and “Erasmus+” will help young people to generate business ideas in the most promising or yet novel fields such as fintech, informational solutions, defence and security.

While creating a business model, one will be taught to think considering the principles of sustainable development and to base the business on the methods that encourage preservation of natural resources and ensure a better future for the humanity.

“This training and mentoring program is designed for future creators, entrepreneurs and managers, the ones whose decisions will determine the Lithuanian economy and public life after several years or even a couple of decades. It is very important that they choose the business fields which are currently relevant and innovative. Besides, it is also important that they act in environment-friendly manner, because a newly created plastic coffee cup is unlikely to help to conquer the world. Meanwhile, a disposable recyclable cup could open the door to the global markets, because nobody has ever created anything like that”, says Laima Kaušpadienė, Head of Sunrise Valley Science and Technology Park.

The program was joined by almost twenty partners among which are Vilnius University, Vilnius Gediminas Technical University, International Business School at Vilnius University, major business companies “Tieto Lietuva”, “Swedbank”, “Callcredit Information Group”, Defence and Security Industries Association of Lithuania, venture capital fund “Practica Capital”, “Civitta”.

Knowledge and advice will be shared by partners from the Netherlands “Pure Birds” and Lower Silesian Regional Development Agency (DARR) from Poland, as well as Agency for Science, Innovation and Technology of Lithuania, Lithuanian Innovation Centre, Baltic Environmental Forum Lithuania, Knowledge Economy Forum and public enterprise “Versli Lietuva”.

According to L. Kaušpadienė, new partners are invited to join the program until its beginning in February 2017. “It is an opportunity for our business to meet eye-to-eye with the young motivated generation of future managers and entrepreneurs and understand how they perceive the world and what ideas they are living with”, notes L. Kaušpadienė.

“Lithuania has a lot of potential for the business which could be aimed at preserving a clean environment and sustainable development. These concepts are quite trendy nowadays, but we need to implement them by means of creating feasible business models. We wish to encourage young people to be the ones who create this kind of business and that implementation of their ideas could make positive changes in our world”, says Donatas Keras, “Practica Capital” partner.

Bram Van Schijndel, Project Mentor from the Netherlands and founder of “Pure Birds” which promotes environment protection, says that “Futurepreneurs” provides the youth with the best opportunities of learning how to create a change-oriented business, produce and consider business ideas that could actually be implemented and that would generate profit and conserve the environment.

“There is a number of fields and long-standing problems which need to be looked at from a fresh perspective and which have to be solved by untraditional ways. I believe this project will help to set up new businesses in Lithuania which will aim at preventing pollution, will use clean energy and will bring positive effect on the society, economy and environment protection,” says B. Van Schijndel.

Call for tenders to participate in the “Futurepreneurs” program will be announced in the beginning of the New Year, even though registration can already be done in the program’s website. Everybody under the age of 29 from all over Lithuania is welcomed to join the program. In the course of the project, they will have 4 training sessions during which experienced professionals will provide with all necessary technical know-how and assign special practical tasks. Those who will not be able to come to Vilnius to take part in the training, will be able to watch the lecture online in the project website or watch them at any later time.

“Futurepreneurs” opening event will take place on February 22, 2017. Participants will generate their start-up ideas until May and then business ideas will be presented to the investors. All program participants will be awarded certificates, and the winners of particular categories will be awarded with special prizes of the sponsors.