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Entrepreneurship incentive project “Futurepreneurs” for youth which is to start on the 22nd of February, has opened registration of its participants and invites young people of the age 18-29 to join the project and create an impact driven businesses.

Participants of the programme will choose one of the categories that seem the most interesting for them (Security and Defence, Logistics and Transport, CleanTech, Information and Communication Technologies and FinTech) and set up a start-up that could deal with problems occurring in that particular field.

Young people who have been dreaming about their own business are invited to register in the programme either individually or in a team. Registration can be done in the programme website at

“During competition start-up creators will participate in four coaching sessions during which they will learn about the essentials in starting a business. This project differs from others in fact that the sessions are integrated in the study programme. Training session on exclusivity of a start-up idea and the clients will be conducted by Jean-Baptiste Daguene from “”, whereas his colleague Arvydas Bložė will share his knowledge how to present one’s business idea,” tells the Head of Sunrise Valley Science and Technology Park Laima Kaušpadienė.

After each session participants will be given homework that would help to put the knowledge gained during sessions into practice. Participants will learn how to plan their time more effectively and better prepare for presentation of their business ideas.

In the maze of business creation the young people will be guided by experienced experts having vast knowledge. The mentor network of the programme has already been joined by Bram Van Schijndel and Coen Faber from environment-friendly company “Pure Birds” from the Netherlands, Adviser Jonė Vaitulevičiūtė from “Civitta”, Partner of “Practica Capital” Donatas Keras, Chief Project Manager Rimantė Ribačiauskaitė from “Startup Lithuania” and many other professionals.

Those who will not be able to come to Vilnius and participate in the sessions, will be able to watch lectures online for free in the project website or watch them at any later time, whereas communication and work with mentors will be done in a remote way.

The Launch Day will take place in Life Sciences Centre of Vilnius University on the 22nd of February. Training sessions will be conducted on the 8th of March, 22nd of March, 5th of April and 19th of April. The most significant event namely, presentation of business ideas, will take place on the 3rd of May.