Futurepreneurs is a project for young people, so if you are 18-29 years old, you are more than welcome to join this pre-accelerator program. This project will last three months, so we hope You will be responsible and involved in the project during all the period!




Which field is the most interesting for you? Is it finances? Or maybe defence? You must choose one category out of five and create Your business idea to solve problems in that particular field:

Security & Defence

Though this field is quite new in Lithuania, it has become really important recently. Industry is always looking for the best solutions in the field of Security & Defence and business can always offer a lot of innovative ideas, for example, fireproof uniforms, laser sights, drones and other innovations.

Logistics & Transportation

Export grows every year in Lithuania, the country finds new markets and eventually Logistics & Transportation is a very important and promising field. This is a really versatile business branch allowing to create different kinds of startups, that help to solve logistics problems.


These technologies help to preserve the environment and allow the business to produce a certain amount of products using less energy. These innovations are priority field in Lithuania and the government pays a lot of attention to attract the investment to this field.


The Information and Communication Technology (ICT) sector is the fastest growing industry in the world. Lithuanian ICT sector demonstrates the greatest potential for investment in the spheres such as software development, online data storage and processing, and ICT service centres.


Thanks to these technologies, regular banking services can be rendered much faster, cheaper and with better quality. P2P lending, simplified international payments and other Fintech startups create high added value in the country and attract investments from the foreign companies.

Business Cases

Do not know where to start? We can offer you some business cases that are actual business opportunities. Choose one of them!

You just have to find the right solution!