Save the date for the most important events of the project Futurepreneurs and be ready for intensive coaching sessions. During them the best mentors will help You step by step to create Your dream business. After each coaching session You will be able to download the study material.

Launch Day

2017-02- 22

Introduction to the project, main organizers and mentors, forming the teams, introduction to the concept of Sustainability.

Study material:

Dalius Misiūnas - The future is now: energy 4.0

Tomas Vitkus - Make things possible

Arvydas Bložė - Future of startups

Pure Birds - Sustainable impact

Futurepreneurs concept

Futurepreneurs Workbook

Testing value proposition & customers

2017-03- 08

Identifying the market, identifying your client, forming a final product for your customer, competitors' analysis. The teams will learn how to build customerrelationships using the technique of “Mom’s questionnaire”.

Study material:

Jean-Baptiste Daguené - How to achieve product market fit 

Ideal Customer Profiles (ICP) template by

Example of call mapping guidelines for discovery/demo call by

Sustainable activities, resources and key partners

2017-03- 22

The teams will learn about sustainable relations through the key activity factors: partnering and resources.

Study material: 

Edgaras Kriukonis - Sustainable activities, recourses & key partners

Business model criteria for Stimulating Sustainable Impact

Cost structure, revenue model & channels

2017-04- 05

The session will cover all business finances relating to operating the new business in the market. Teams will learn about MVP cost structures and different types of revenue streams.

Study material: 

Gintas Daniusevičius - Cost Structure, Revenue Model & Channels: The Curious Case of Intuitive Planning

Preparation to pitch

2017-04- 19

Teams will not only get a chance to crosscheck their ideas with mentors, but also will be taught the art of public speaking and pitching.

Study material: 

Arvydas Bložė - Pitching

Final pitches & evaluations

2017-05- 03

All teams are ready to present their pitches to the independent jury. The best team pitches will be announced and awarded by organisers and sponsors.