Futurepreneurs Session #4 - Preparation to pitch

Lector: Arvydas Bložė

Futurepreneurs Session #3 - Cost structure, revenue model & channels

Lector: Gintas Daniusevičius

Futurepreneurs Session #2 - Sustainable activities, recourses & key partners 

Lector: Edgaras Kriukonis

Futurepreneurs Session #1 - Testing value proposition & customers 

Lector: Jean-Baptiste Daguené

Futurepreneurs Launch Day - sustainability, entrepreneurship & future of startups.

  • Opening speech // Mindaugas Sinkevičius, Minister of Economy @ Ministry of Economy
  • "The future is now. Energy 4.0" // Dalius Misiūnas, CEO @ Lietuvos energija
  • "Make things possible" // Tomas Vitkus, President @ Infobalt, CEO @ Tieto Lietuva
  • "Future of startups" // Arvydas Bložė, CEO @ Startup.lt
  • "Importance of Sustainability" // Coen Faber, Bram Van Schijndel, Impact driven entrepreneurs @ Pure Birds (NL)
  • Program concept // Julija Maslinskaitė, Project manager @ Sunrise Valley STP

„I want to inspire you to become more sustainable and profitable at the same time. If we are squeezing your suppliers, we won't take any step further. I want to help you to make a breakthrough for your own company by using impact model“, – says Bram Van Schijndel, the mentor of the project „Futurepreneurs“.

"I don't feel like a hero, I'm just curious". Meet Ann Runnel from the Estonian team behind An online market for textile leftovers (Reverse Resources) who is creating a marketplace for spill in production. This film takes you behind the innovation and put the spotlight on the innovator. How did she come up with the idea? What drives her and why is it important to make fashion circular?